Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lazy Sundays and Old Barns!

It's Sunday and for the first time in a looooonng time, we stayed home for the WHOLE day!  Last night while laying in bed we decided to turn off our phones, and alarm clocks and sleep as late as we want too.  We BOTH got up around 10:00!  For my husband especially, that is so rare.  We felt a teeny tiny little bit guilty about not going to church!  I especially enjoy my Sunday School class and didn't really want to miss it, but we decided to just take a day today.  Normally, Sunday mornings are anything but relaxing because we leave early to set up the sound system at church and practice for worship.  We got out of our responsibilities at church for a few weeks so we decided to take advantage of our first Sunday off!  I guess it's ok as long as we don't make it a habit!

Part of the reason we were exhausted by today was this...

About a week ago, we found an old barn advertised on Craigslist for free.  We thought it would be a fun project and hopefully we could make some money by selling the wood and doors etc.  We're hoping to use the money to go on an anniversary trip in January or February!  I wouldn't say I'm totally regretting the decision to do this BUT.....oh my goodness, I am feeling muscles I never knew I had!  Brad and I were both so sore this morning and last night. 

Guess it's not something everyone would like to do, but Brad and I both love to get our hands dirty and the creative side of me sees all kinds of things I want him to do and make with all of this old wood!  Yesterday, when I finally sat to take a break, I asked Brad if he thinks we'll regret doing this.  It seemed like it was going to take forever and I'm the type to second guess myself pretty quickly.  I was thinking "Oh my...we're sore and achy and who knows if we will even make any money from this thing"!  Without missing a beat he said "I don't regret it at all....I'm having a blast"!  I have a feeling if I would ask him that today he would say the same thing, even though he wasn't feeling 16 anymore! : )

After reading the book "Wild at Heart" a few years thing that always stayed with me is "be part of your husbands adventure".  It makes him feel so loved when I'm right there by his side pounding nails out and "ripping down barns".  There were many other things I could've done yesterday, but I wouldn't have missed being there beside him.  Sore and achy as I am.."I don't regret it!  Not one bit!!!"

Kevin & Joy!!

A few weeks ago, the last of Brad's single siblings got married.  Kevin & Joy met online on a Christian dating site.  It's honestly amazing to me how God brings people together.  She is from waaayyyy over the "pond", Kenya, Africa, and he hails from the teeny little town of Ephrata.

My friends and I used to argue about the question "Does God have 1 perfect person in mind for you to marrry?"  Brad and I still discuss it.  He says there is not a doubt in his mind that I am the one and only for him.  I agree and know he is "the one" for me too. 

It makes any love story amazing.  Brad and I lived within miles of each other all of our lives even though it took a while to find each other!  Kevin & Joy know they were meant for each other and I think it's so neat that no matter how far apart geographically people are, God can still bring them together!