Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bosom Buddies

You've probably heard of the term "Bosom Buddies" before. I first heard it in the Anne of Green Gables movies of which I am a huge fan. There's just something about being with friends you've known for years and can still connect. I am blessed with many friends in my life, and many "bosom buddies". These 2 gals and I go WAY back. Back to the pre cell phone days of puffed up hair and piling 3 in the front seat to cruising around town. Seriously, that's what we did to enterain ourselves. Cruise around town. Do kids even do that nowdays?

We were all pretty independent and could get around just fine on our own! There are many stories I could tell that have me blushing just thinking of how immature we were! We also grew spiritually together. Some of my favorite memories are of praying in the car when something was bugging one or all of us.

Life had a way of separating us. I went to New York to teach school, Lorene was the first to get married, Suz spent a year at Hillcrest and we all made different friends. But every now and then we would still get together and it was as if the years had disappeared! We could pick up right where we left off and share our gut. Even though we've been in different phases of life the past 10 years, we could still relate.

This week we spent a day together again. It felt like the clock had turned back 10 years, other than having to get sitters and get home to the kiddos! We went to see a movie, but this time we didn't have to sneak in! : ) After the movie we went to a cafe to sit and chat. I love how open I can be with these 2 and I don't feel judged by them. In a world that is always changing, I am so thankful that some things never do!

Love you guys!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday Girl!

9 years ago, I became an aunt for the first time. I was teaching school in New York at the time and couldn't wait till the weekend came so I could scuttle home to Lancaster and meet my new neice. She was born on a Monday so you can only imagine how long and torturous the week was for me! I cried when I first held her and dreamed of all of the things we would do together.

A few years ago, I stopped getting my neices and nephews "gifts" for their birthdays. Instead I take them out for a treat. After all, a child can only use so many toys and I love the quality time it gives me with them. They seem to enjoy it too. Before I was married, I spent lots of time with the kiddos and now that I'm married and live further away, it doesn't happen as often.

We had planned to go to the tea room in Intercourse, but they closed early the day we went. Instead Breanne wanted to go to Angela's Cafe. How fun to go with my neice to a coffee shop! We chatted and drank our coffee and then browsed the books upstairs. Breanne is swiftly becoming a little lady and I seriously enjoyed our time together.

Happy Birthday Breezy! I love you!!!

"I'll Pray For You"

You're in my prayers...
I'll be praying for you...

How many times have we said these words or something similar to hurting people? I've been so convicted of this lately. It's so easy for me to say this to someone and then "forget" about it. Sure, I pray for them when they come to mind but I don't intercede for them like I should. Because of technology, many people (me included) share their lives with the world. It's so easy to drop someone a comment on facebook or twitter or whatever saying I'll pray for them. It just seems like the thing to do. But will I really pray for them?
I've started to stop and say a prayer for them in that instant, yet, I feel like God is calling me into something deeper. Prayer has always been a struggle for me. I struggle to stay awake or my mind goes a million different directions (it's called multi-tasking!!!).

The thought came to me that I should journal about my prayers. I had been thinking about this for a long time and last week at our ladies tea, our speaker brought it up again. I thought, Ok God, I get the hint! So I stopped at Walmart on my way home from work a few days ago with the sole purpose of getting a notebook. I could have used an old notebook from home but it feels better to start clean and fresh.
I would love to hear from any of you journal your prayers and how do you remember who all to pray for?

Not really knowing how or where to start, I labeled different pages with different people who I want to pray for. It's amazing how many people you can think of or who need prayer. My plan is to keep adding to the list. I have a section in the back labeled "ANSWERS" and want to remember to write specific answers to prayer.
So I'm at the start of my journey into prayer. I'm excited to see who God lays on my heart.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Post

It's been on my "to do list" to start a blog this year. I love reading other peoples blogs and have been inspired by many. The main purpose of my blog is to just archive everyday happenings. My life is full of many bright spots and some not so bright! But my desire is to learn from each of them. Life is a journey and we (my husband and I) have had our share of "detours", but we've learned so much from lifes little side roads and have learned to enjoy the scenery along the way.